one flickering light bulb

lit the room in yellow

i think of an old friend

who always called it “‘ello”

a heavy mountain of textbooks

sits itself beside me

the unseen pages stare

i feel a jolt of anxiety

i glare back in red

angry at them for existing

making hollow promises

that were beyond them to fulfil

representing a class of systems

that belonged to a different time

the audacity of those spines

demanding authority over mine

the needle on the wall

completed sixty revolutions

another hour I had thereby passed

contemplating problems

and impossible solutions

every second of this time slot

i wanted to sit and paint

i wanted to sing aloud the songs

that were upholding me

and keeping me sane

i wanted to fix the flickering light bulb

that lit my room in yellow

i wanted to think of my old friend

who always called it “‘ello”

– procrastination


Hello there!

It has been a while. How are you all?

I wrote this piece during exam season when I was tired of all the studying and in no mood to pick up another book.

What do you do when you procrastinate? How have your exams been? I’d love to catch up so feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment!

37 Replies to “procrastination”

  1. The audacity of those spines indeed! How unwelcome many of them were in my study years, never to be touched again.
    Procrastination has always been my middle name and it’s quite a mouthful haha.
    Splendid to read you again dear lady 😊💜🌺

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    1. Honestly, I feel so left out because my friends talk about GoT all the time and I have promised myself to not watch the show before I read the books and think maybe it’s time to break this vow?🙈
      And I postpone my blog posts all the time so high five on that one haha

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      1. You should absolutely watch it… Whatever the negative reviews it’s getting this year.. it greatest show there is… 😅
        Hope we write often and not procrastinate….
        Have a great weekend!


      1. I’ve been very busy with my studies and that’s why couldn’t come on WordPress to check your posts. I read a few today, and wow, I loved all of them!
        How have you been?

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      2. I hope your exams went well! I, myself had been away for a long time because of studies. It was good to finally get back on WordPress. It’s great to have you back!
        You’re very generous with your words, Jyoti. Thank you💕

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  2. Nicely concluded, Shreya! I guess we all have that one friend… 😅

    Well, when I procrastinate, I usually simply stare out of the window, my gaze unfocused. Or I land up with my hobbies. Then be it blogging or playing the keyboard. And if nothing works… I sleep😅

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