tryst with a dream

i saw my dream the other day

sitting on a cloud merrily

like the goddess that she is

she was stunning – heavenly

she illuminated the sky

lit it up a bright golden

she stretched out her arms

and the heavy scent of molten

wishes and desires

inherent and acquired

spread out towards me

as i stood there and admired

the world that she offered

the warmth of her embrace

i felt my fears evaporate in sparkles

they did not leave a trace

she beckoned me over

with a slight tilt of her face

i blinked. and blinked again.

but did not increase my pace

i saw her glamorous being

waft away before my eyes

she looked at me one last time

i looked at her and smiled

the sky turned a gorgeous blue

my fears settled back in me

but don’t cry for my loss my love

my heart now glows heavenly

tryst with a dream

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