One train cabin
Filled with humans.

And amongst us all
An angel.

Bottle green eyes
And coffee brown hair.

One couldn’t help
But stare.

She was with a friend
On whom I won’t comment

‘Cause this tale is about
My lady.

Whose words so merry
That my merriest dreams

Shied away.

(Her laugh was so sweet
It made me believe

That I could fall in love
With a girl again.)

The train then stopped
And she looked up above

As her friend got up
To leave.

The other girl
Then left the car

But before she did
They kissed.

I think I should’ve been sad
But instead I laughed

At my destiny, my fate
And myself.

How foolish of me
Trying to change my ways

Trying to alter the meaning
Of my self.

I turned to face
My partner, my mate;

The guy that I was
In love with.

I hugged him tight
And said that I loved him

While some people gave us
A nasty stare.

But for that moment
(at least)
I didn’t
Couldn’t possibly care.


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here and here !


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