have you?

have you ever stopped and

admired life’s simple pleasures?

have you ever focussed on

this world’s real treasures?

have you ever brought

a smile to someone’s face?

have you ever chosen love

instead of picking hate?

have you ever cried

tears of joy?

have you ever watched

a hatching butterfly?

have you ever had a hot

shower after a tiring day?

or bought yourself that dress

you always wanted to purchase?

have you ever walked barefoot

on dew drops on grass?

have you ever eaten food

secretly during class?

have you ever read a book

that you never wanted to end?

have you ever a broken

heart mend?

have you ever laughed so

hard your stomach hurt?

have you ever caught leaves

dropping in the fall?

have you?

have you?

have you lived, mi amor?


My Instagram: phoenix_with_a_pen

Image Source: A picture of yours truly clicked by dad in July 2016

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