86 Replies to “bliss”

      1. I know this
        Has some thing tragic ever happened to you ? Something you just don’t wanna Remember?
        I have like multiple issues but now I am too tired to even get things straight
        Have you watched 13 reasons why ?
        I relate myself very much to Hannah baker.


      2. Sad things always happen honey!
        And I relate to what you’re saying. That feeling of being numb to everything because it is just too much to deal with!
        I have watched the series 13RW. I like it, it is accurate. And sorry to hear that, please don’t feel like that. Do you wanna talk? Hit me up via email, I’d love to talk really🌸
        And if it helps, trust me, things will sort themselves out. They always do. Just hold on. I’ve been there♥️

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      3. Yaaa I have changed my college bcoz of all that drama. Now I am again the new girl but this time I am in a girl’s college
        There is less drama but I feel alone. I really don’t have friends. It’s really like being alone. It sucks . But I am trying to get better. Thanks a lot Shreya 💙
        Yess we could definitely talk about it 🙂

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      4. Oh my.
        You have all of us here! And I’ve been the new girl atleast 8 times, due my dad’s job transferring him every few years, so I can understand. You’ll soon make lots of friends, I assure you🌷
        Also, have you listened to the Linkin Park song ‘Numb’? I think you’ll relate, it is good!💕

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      5. I will listen to it surely. It’s sooo hard to be the new girl. But , I hope I will manage
        Hey thanks a lot. Really. It was soo good talking to you
        Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️💙

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