Now, I am afraid.

I am afraid.
Of them,
The people.

Of their taunts
And their jeers.

Of their remarks
And their sneers.

Their words say
That they care

But their eyes,
They give death stares

At my belly
Because it’s large

Or at my chest
Because it isn’t

They tell me
That they’re concerned

That I don’t have
Silky long hair

That I have
Shorts that I wear

That I have
Body hair.

But dainty and sleek
That’s not my goal

That’s not what I want.

However I choose to live
Happy is what I wanna be

Because happy is what we all deserve
And happy is what we should be

Happy with our fat
Happy with our skin

Happy with the way we dress
Happy with the way we sit

And it is when we know and accept ourselves
And take pride in it too

That is when we can stop
These people; such fools

Who always see the glass as
Half empty.

And constant criticism being their
Daily bread and tea.

I can only imagine how tough life
For them must actually be.

I am afraid.
For them,
The people.

Image Source: Pinterest (oil painting by Yuliya Vladkovska)

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65 Replies to “Now, I am afraid.”

    1. Hey thank you! But I think I’ll refrain from these posts for some time..they take up quite a lot of time.. but thanks a lot! This means so much❤️and congratulations to you!


  1. Damn you are good !! I am not really into poems but this is great seriously I went through like 4 of your poems and you have a great rhythm and way with words and all your topics are interesting!! Keep the great work

    Liked by 2 people

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