Mary and Mariam

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to promote hate against ANY religion. The author respects ALL religions equally.

‘Muslim’, ‘Muhammad’
‘Ali’, ‘Ahmed’
Do these words
Scare you ?

If not, my friend
Then sure you’re blessed,
It’s the rest that I wish
To speak to.

Why this aversion?
Why this hate?
Why my mate,
Do you excecrate?

It’s just a faith,
Like yours and mine.
And it’s people are humans.
In confusion they’re entwined.

Confused why a few people
Of their community
Are behaving, beheading others
With such Hostility.

Confused why this world’s
Educated class like us
Is blind to all the logics
And is spreading enmity, thus.

Yes they’d like some answers
Just like you and me;
Why, how did their people (our people)
Begin professing this extremity?

Yes, we know it is wrong what
Some are doing in the name of their religion.
But worse still is punishing those (them)
Who’re innocent, scared and un prepared.

It’s not their fault, Please understand that.
Fighting terror with terror
Will never help.
Accept that.

I don’t understand
I Pity them too
When 6 year old Mary
Wants to play with 6 year old Mariam
But unfortunately,
It is refused.

A Black and White Picture of me holding a piece of paper that reads “LET US END ISLAMOPHOBIA”

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63 Replies to “Mary and Mariam”

  1. Problem is, it is the misinterpretation of their religion that so many of them do and kill.
    If so many people of your own religion are misinterpreting religious text at such an alarming rate, then it must mean something, doesn’t it?
    While the majority of those people are innocent and nothing to do with them, they still never condemn those people, in fact, if a terrorist is killed, thousands of people of said community gather to pay respects to the fallen “fighter”(case in point Burhan Wani and Yakub Memon) , sure they didn’t kill anyone on their own, but their attitude of sympathizing with the terrorists isn’t helping other people to accept them

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    1. Yes. I completely agree with you. What you say is correct. But let us not generalize by saying that none of them condemn terrorism, and all sympathize with the terror, as that would be wrong on our part. Like you said, thousands turned out to respect the “fighter”. But let’s recognize millions of others who did not. There is a majority in there as well that is against these extremist activities and is trying to bring about a change. For eg. The Muslims March Against ISIS (Dec 2015) and also the Muslim Imams on a tour across European cities hit by terrorism (July 2017), and spreading the message that Isis is not Islam. And they were my idea behind this poem, hope you can understand!
      Thank you for putting forward your views!

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      1. All I am trying to say is there are two sides of the same coin, and you should understand why it is hard for some people to trust them because of said points, of course not all of them are like that, don’t get me wrong, I am just trying to provide a counter argument for that. What actually needs to be done is proper education to the youngsters, teaching them that hate mongering is NOT okay, no matter what religion you’re from, that way it wouldn’t ostracize people of Islam, and would put in values of integrity into everyone.

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      2. No no I wasn’t taking you that way. Just like you, I was trying to justify that there is another side to the coin! I get you. And I agree that people need to learn that stirring up enmity, against any faith is absolutely not okay. I couldn’t agree more with what you just said!

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  2. Human are meant to weave the complexities in the divisions they award. Hence we are scared of Allah and pray the God and Goddess; Buddha ; Jesus.
    once the divisions tend to mend into one, Mary will be playing with Mariam.


  3. Its all about the way one think its all in our mind… All humans are creation of god afterall either hindu or muslim whosoever he / she is whenever one face difficulties they pray to the god no matter alah or shiv afterall there is belief that things will be better after praying….. So soon mary and mariam will be playing together .😊

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  4. As a muslim myself, this post touched more than any other person. I’m on the side that is against Isis just like most of these 3 billions are. some of these people like to put their own rules. KKK, ISIS and any other groups that behave in a way against their own religion are just a test from god and the lord. to see who knows his religion better than the other. those who join these groups have certainly failed this test. and if i ever meet an Isis member. I’m there ready to put my life on the line, tell them a verse from the bible if they asked me to tell them a verse of the Quran. to prove how ignorant about their own religion they are.

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    1. Wow. Thank you. And I am so happy to learn that you have such profound ideologies. I agree, those members have failed God. They’ve failed humanity. And I am very glad that people like you exist and I am proud of all those who share these thoughts with you🌷


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